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SEA/ VE series with DC motor can be widely used for horizontal single-axis tracking system. With the advantages of compact structure, good performance, easy installation and maintenance, reliable protection performance, the improved SEA/ VE series are very popular among customers. Its superior reliability and stability help power station owners to reduce maintenance cost and time, largely increase power efficiency.

SEA series with high-power AC motor drives solar panels to track, which can help to reduce generating cost. We have done some special process treatment for worm gear and shaft, so that our products will have much bigger contact surface. With bigger contact surface, it will have much higher torque. SEA series have made great contributions to the power stations.

For this kind tracking system, it will adopt SEA series with small-power DC motor or AC motor. Pre-set optimum tilted angle and high performance tracking slewing combination help tilted single-axis to have highest generating efficiency with the lowest cost. At present, this combination solution has been widely used in this tracking system to reduce cost. With rich project experience, H-FANG improves and upgrades SE series and make tracking forms more reliable.

Dual-axis tracking requires high structure strength of slewing drive. According to these, H-FANG develops WDE/ SDE series, the dual-axis slewing drive. Such special structure can withstand shock from all directions of dual-axis tracking. What’s more, it can help to save material cost and installation charge. H-FANG is fully prepared to provide the most suitable products for you.

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