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Electric Power Rush-Repair Car

Slewing Drive can be widely used in rotary cantilever of Electric Power Rush-Repair Car, Highway repair vehicle, etc. Take high-precision and operator into consideration, higher requirements of stability and safety.

H-FANG SE series slewing drive, with superb heat treatment technology and precision machining technology on slewing bearing and shaft, small gear meshing clearance, more contact, practice has proved that performance indicators fully meet the requirements of engineering vehicle.

Aerial Platform

For aerial platform, load is light, but higher requirements to clearance and stability. Take operators into consideration, H-FANG has taken strict regulation and control to SE series slewing drive, make clearance to meet requirements of aerial platform.

Lifting equipment

Truck-mounted crane with a flexible and convenient characteristic. Slewing drive is used in crane and truck chassis connection. WE series slewing drive with simple and compact structure, excellent mechanical properties, be favored by truck-crane manufacturer. WE series slewing drive itself contains a high intensity slewing bearing, and a self-locking structure consists of shaft. On one hand, meet truck crane base structure, on another hand, self-locking characteristics is more secure. Compact structure can save much space for truck crane.

Modular Vehicle

For modular vehicle, load is high, the high-torque steering characteristic requires slewing drive with hyper structure strength, high output speed and excellent abrasion resistance.

HSE series double worm gear reducer, gear material is copper, which has strengthened output torque and anti- abrasion performance. Quality carbon structural steel as the main body, ensure slewing drive itself structure strength. Double motor driving , steering ability is more stronger. Slewing drive application can reduce modular vehicle center of gravity, driving is more smoothly.

Water tower fire truck

Water tower fire truck is mainly used in bottom rotary parts of cantilever. When water tower fire truck is working, lift height is great, reverse impact is great. This requires slewing drive to bear great tilting moment torque and holding torque. At the same time, because the long arm, high-precision is required. SEA series can stand great torque, mesh clearance is small, ensure spraying accuracy. Skeleton oil seal has improved product protection performance.

Timber Grab

Forklift is a highly efficient and flexible handling tool, variable format is used in various industries for material handling. The key parts is WE series slewing drive. WE series slewing drive adopts curved teeth structure, with high torque and strong ability to resist wear, guarantee service life of the attachments. Flat structure, slewing drive has a great advantage in the installation space. Installation is simple, and can save part of the structure fees and install fees for customers

Forklift / Tire manipulator

Slewing drive is mainly used in grapple rotating. Therefore timber grab working performance of the machine depends on the quality of slewing drive. H-FANG has developed WE and WEB series slewing drive for timber grab market. WE/WEB adopts a combination of curved gear and straight shaft, easy to deal with the impact and wear when timber grab is working. While WEB slewing drive is developed to improve the efficiency of timber grab, it is high efficiency, good mechanical properties and high service life. New products will lead the timber grab market a new trend.

SE series of products and slewing bearing are applied on window cleaning devices.

WE series of products is suitable to the joint rotation of turning arm.

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