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SE14-2 dual worm slewing drives is widely applied on the rotation joint.

SE WE series of products are widely applied on timber grab, stone

Wire Saw Machine
As a high effective quarry plant, slewing drive is aimed to drive the rope saw machine head rotate, to achieve the purpose of adjusting the cutting angle. As the main bearing components, slewing drive needs great output torque. Meanwhile, bearing certain compact and tilting moment torque. H-FANG SE series, clearance of gear and shaft is small, excellent contact intensity ensure precision and intensity when head is working.

Drilling Machine

Slewing drive is mainly used in the adjusting joints of drilling machine bit. When working, compact is great. H-FANG WEA series slewing drive, adopt curved gear teeth and straight shaft, curved gear enlarges worm and shaft contact area, has a stronger ability to resist impact wear. Straight shaft has a great improvement compared with common shaft.
Meanwhile, according to mining machinery application, sealing structure changed to large skeleton oil seal. Even drilling machine in the poor working conditions, WEA series can easily handle.

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