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The enclosed slewing drives are used in different models of lifting cranes through special processing.

HSE series of slewing drive is approved in this field.

Marine cranes

Slewing Drive can be used in rotary arm of straight-arm marine crane, curved-arm marine crane and boat hoist crane. WEA series, compact structure can save much space for narrow deck. Self-locking structure consists of slewing bearing and shaft, which a guarantee for marine crane. High Performance protective paint and skeleton oil seal, even though working in sea for a long time, it is no problem.( According to customer requirements, adjusting the paint protection degree)

Reach stacker
As an efficient logistics equipment, container front carrier appears on the opposite side of the harbor. Good performance WEA series slewing drive is installed on the joints of the arm and hand. With good mechanical properties, high intensity structure, ensure transport safety. Characteristics of flexible rotation, efficiency is greatly increased

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