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Parabolic tracking system: 

It requires higher output torque and holding torque for slewing drive. By excellent heat-treating technology , H-FANG’s SEA and VE series with AC/ DC motor can have higher output torque and holding torque in smaller volume. Therefore, at the same time ensure product performance, its easy and compact structure help customers to save more installation space and charges.

Solar dish tracking system: 

All the weight of tracker is on slewing drive in solar dish tracking system, so it not only requires higher axial load and better wind-resistant performance, but also needs more stable operation and higher tracking precision. The slewing ring dealt with strict process can fully meet the needs of solar dish tracker. The worm gear and worm shaft with special process, can guarantee tracking precision and stability. SEA series can meet customers’ various structure needs.

Solar Tower: 

Considering solar tower’s special structure and requirements, H-FANG develops AD series, a double-enveloped and free maintenance tracking product. As CONE DRIVE’s partner, H-FANG introduces advanced vice assembly lines of double-enveloped worm shaft, and guarantee the double-enveloped transmission to have higher tracking precision and efficiency, lower accuracy loss, longer lifetime and so on. What’s more, applying hermetically sealed structure, it can make it possible to be free maintenance in product’s life cycle, and help customers to save a lot of maintenance cost.

Fresnel Solar Power:              
Fresnel solar power requires compact structure and high tracking precision. Due to the smaller volume and higher output torque, the new models of VE/ SEA series are popular among customers. We learn customers’ real needs, and help them to design different solutions for various solar tracking forms.

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