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Sunflower which is selected by NATO special forces is with a Chinese heart
Author:H-FANG AddTime:23-11-2017

    Recently, a gorgeous powered " Sun Flower” stunned the global technology field. This solar power system which designed by European energy company, draw a sunflower bloom phototaxis  inspiration, designing solar power systems into petal shapes, realized chasing sun automatically  the whole day to generate electricity

    This flower shape solar power system, because of portable devices, intelligent and diversified applications, selected by NATO special forces, purchase a batch directly, as a long-distance combat energy supply equipment. But it is not known that the device to operate beautiful and deep connotation sunflower equipment is with a Chinese heart.

    Without manual intervention, chasing sun automatically the whole day to generate electricity, obtain the optimal electricity generation, suitable for harsh natural environment in remote areas, have a strong and reliable security tracking heart, the first premise is to ensure the system work, so far this Chinese heart have been operated for five years, performance is good.

    Because of its easy operation and innovativeness, the equipment has won the support of tesla and Volvo, can be widely used in electric vehicle charging station and public parking lots, etc. Specifically for electric vehicle charging.

    Sunflower " petal exterior shape is not just for beauty, but rather realized a practical application of intelligent function. At first, chasing sun automatically during the whole day to generate electricity. When the sun rises in the morning, it automatically expands . When the evening sun sets, it is automatically closed. In the open and close process, the system always maintain the 90-degree direct sunlight, after adopting dual axis tracking system, ensure the smooth implementation of this process around the clock, the key part slewing drive is from Jiang yin Hua Fang New Energy Hi-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.

    As well as the body's circulation, the heart is the core part of the body, ensure the " Sunflower " normal operation, depends on the reliability and absolutely safe " heart ", H-FANG vice general manager Zhang Feng Ling introduced that, slewing drive which applicated in the system will test manufacture expertise, require high precision and prominent stability, etc. This sunflower selected by NATO special forces, as a long-distance combat energy supply equipment, fully shows the excellence of this system, a strong " heart " meet the demands of the military's harsh conditions.

    It is understood that compared with traditional solar panels, this intelligent solar systems can improve by 40% generating capacity, when average annual electricity output reach 4,000-kilowatt, just to be able to meet electricity demand of a European family. Realized automatic adjustment according to the user electric power consumption at the same time, changed the traditional disadvantages of solar power generation on the power grid, which realized user side balance the electricity, reduce impact on the grid, with convenient features such as small footprint, can be widely used in shopping malls, such as new energy vehicle charging scenarios.

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