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PV Solar Tracking Power Station’s Installation Develop Rapidly in the world
Author:H-FANG AddTime:18-12-2017

    In 2017, the global solar tracking market grows very fast. H-Fang as member of solar industry has provided slewing drives for solar tracker up to 2GW in total, oversea market is more than 1.2 GW.
    Currently, the solar tracking system is getting more stable and reliable than before thru past years continuous improvement. More investment parties are glad to accept solar tracking system.

      In 2018, H-Fang plans to invest about 4 Million USD for Quenching robots, automatic quenching machine, spray robots, CNC lathes and machine center. And these machines will be ready for by March of 2018. This investment will make H-Fang react much quicker and much more capacity than before to meet customer’s urgent demands.

       H-Fang is ready for coming 2018 solar tracking market. Nowadays, H-fang’s slewing drives have spread tracking power station on a global scale, from tropical rain forest of Latin America to desert belt of Africa, where there are tracking power station, H-Fang’s products will be there.

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