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H-fang R-series worm gear reducer drive is your ideal choice, using worm drive worm wheel CCW & CW (clockwise and counterclockwise) rotation to drive pinion rotates, its internal special structure design, suitable for medium-speed rotation , while generating high torque slewing drive for co-ordinated with the rotation

It is transmitting bigger torque, and working with slewing ring, to reduce speed.



Used in engineering machinery transmission areas, driven slewing ring 360 degree rotation



Regarding to the special requirements of worm gear reducer, H-fang specially designed the pinion match with that, and use wear-resistant materials, extending its life.

Flexible input interface for easy connection of various hydraulic motor, can be driven by BMRS, BMR series of hydraulic motors, the brand can be specified by the customer

Designed according to user’s specially requirement.


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