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Just as an old saying "Pure gold does not fear the furnace", our launched products are all subjected to strict quality examination and cruel tests so as to accumulate rich test data; the items which cannot be tested are tested through a third party.



Crane Test Bench
Specially made equipment for overturning torque test
Test range of 0-18t.m overturning torque
0 degree / 5-degree test angle
Meeting the requirements of testing 7"-21" slewing drivers  

Torque Test Bench
Specially made testing equipment
500-10,000N.m torque range
Suitable for testing 7"-25" slewing drivers



Test range of 0-500N.m torque
Allowed speed range: 0-3,000rpm
Professional test on low power motors and slewing drivers


Salt fog test
Used for anti-corrosion tests for standard hardwares
Used for testing protective properties of professional painting, galvanization, black coating, etc.



Solar Tracking Test
Specially made equipment for testing overturning torque
Meeting the requirement of testing 3"-5" slewing drivers


Water Spraying Test
Used for testing the protective properties of product assembly
Ensuring outdoor usability



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